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Design Your Dream Nursery

Designing and planning a Dream Nursery can feel overwhelming 📐 ⁣

Are you ready to transform a blank space into a haven for your newest little family member?

I’ll teach you how to:⁣

⁣✔️ Find Your Inspiration⁣
✔️ Create a story board for your Dream Nursery⁣
✔️ How to sketch your dream nursery layout⁣
✔️ The 6 essential zones required for a functional nursery
✔️ How to use colour⁣ & all of my most used paint colours for any colour combination
✔️ How to create (and stick to) a budget that works for you
✔️ Source & design the best window dressing, conducive for maximum sleep⁣
✔️ What to consider when sourcing all your finishes & furniture
✔️ The 5 biggest mistakes to avoid in Nursery Design
✔️ How to find and work with tradesmen & contractors
✔️ How to plan your installation like a pro⁣
✔️ The fundamentals & art of styling your Dream Nursery

Plus I share loads of examples from my previous projects, exclusive retailer discounts & a library of over 200 products to help you source with confidence!⁣